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Southern Arizona Transportation Museum

Fast Track to Train Facts

By Stacey Gregroy

Explore how trains impacted the Southwest at the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum at the Downtown Historic Depot. This nonprofit, bilingual museum has amassed an impressive collection of southern transcontinental railroad artifacts since its inception on March 20, 2005. A variety of exhibits take you from the 1880s to the introduction of the Amtrak. Outside is the restored original Southern Pacific 2-6-0 Mogul No.1673 steam locomotive. Retired railroad engineers share the history of this impressive train, including its use in the 1955 musical Oklahoma!. You’re welcome to climb aboard,

take some selfies, and ring the bell. Even more photo opportunities are found along the railroad tracks, with a functioning train crossing and the bronze statues of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday at the spot the gunslingers shot and killed Frank Stilwell in 1882. Before you depart, stop in the gift shop to grab souvenirs from your visit. Admission is free. 

414 N. Toole Ave


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