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40 Years of Tucson Guide



As 2021 neared its end, Tucson Guide was injected with new life when Katie Bailey purchased the Madden Media founded publication from Jill and Kevin Madden. While it is under new ownership, Bailey is not a new Publisher. As an employee of Madden Media, she was the Publisher of Tucson Guide, falling in love with the magazine and its partners, yet got laid off in late 2020 because of the pandemic. She had made strong relationships within the Tucson community and couldn’t stop thinking about the Guide. In its 40th year, we look back to see just how far we’ve come.

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In 1982, Kevin Madden went door-to-door selling advertising in a magazine that became Tucson Guide. His then girlfriend and soon to be wife Jill was in her last year of college at The University of Arizona. During her final year of studying, she helped put together a magazine with three other recent UA grads. Much to Jill’s dad’s dismay, after she graduated with her degree in business administration with a major in finance in 1983, she decided to stick with magazine publishing, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“We found Tucson to be a perfect place for a start-up destination publication. There were lots of small boutique stores here whose owners were very loyal to locals and supportive of our efforts,” said Jill during the 35th year celebration in 2017. 

Jill was the salesperson for Madden Publishing, excelling at making relationships with clients that lasted for decades. She deftly maneuvered her family life and raised three girls while taking care of her valued clients, often multi-tasking from her car. Eventually, the employees of Madden Media took over the duties of producing and publishing Tucson Guide, including Bailey. 

When Bailey reached out to ask to purchase Tucson Guide in 2021, Jill was happy to hand the reigns over to a single mother who cared as deeply for the magazine as she still does. 

“The Tucson community, its people, and small businesses believed in us. Kevin and I can’t express enough gratitude to our advertisers, writers, photographers, and staff for their support these past 40 years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without this community that supports local first. And, we could not be happier that our first project has the opportunity to continue for another 40 years,” said Jill Madden.

“Tucson Guide and its advertisers hold a special place in my heart. Since my departure from Madden Media, I couldn’t stop thinking about the guide. Jill and Kevin Madden have entrusted me with their first project, which I regard as an honor and a privilege,” said Bailey.


Tucson Guide Magazine
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