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Steve & Gloria Stein

If anyone knows Tombstone, it's Steve & Gloria.
By Stacey Gregory

If you spend time in Tombstone, 
Arizona, you’re bound to run into Steve and Gloria Goldstein. This dynamic duo has been a staple of the historic town of Tombstone, Arizona, for decades. Gloria, originally from Mexico, and Steve, an Army man who landed in Fort Huachuca, had a chance encounter on a blind date in October 1964. After a whirlwind romance, the pair tied the knot in March 1965, putting down roots, opening businesses, and raising a family. 

Gloria and Steve built an enduring legacy in Tombstone starting back in 1977 with the purchase of several businesses, each steeped in the town’s rich history, including Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, the Longhorn Restaurant, and The Shady Lady’s Closet

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Gloria and Steve added more ventures to their repertoire. The Russ House, an original adobe building from 1880, now thrives as an Airbnb, welcoming guests from far and wide. The couple’s passion for preserving Tombstone’s authenticity was evident in the meticulous restoration and Victorian decor. 

Steve and Gloria Goldstein

If anyone knows Tombstone, it’s Steve and Gloria. So we rounded up some of their favorites to help you plan a trip to one of the most authentic Western towns in the U.S.

Steve & Gloria’s Places to Go

Tombstone is rich with history, and that’s on full display at many attractions found along these dirt roads, including the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park. The two-story Victorian courthouse is now a museum dedicated to the legacy of the west’s wildest mining town with collections including a license to operate a brothel and an invitation to a hanging. 

The legendary OK Corral and the famous Bird Cage Theater are steeped in the captivating lore of the Old West, most notably through the famous film Tombstone. You can attend a reenactment of the actual shootout at the OK Corral and take self-guided tours of the theater to see what it was like back in the 1800s. 

There is a hidden gem that is on the top of their to-do list. A majestic rose tree, the largest in the world, mesmerizes visitors with its size at 9,000 square feet, a Guinness World Record title, and its continuous ownership by the same family since the 1800s.


Dishes to Die for in Tombstone

Of course, for culinary delights, the couple doesn’t have to look far to their own establishments. Big Nose Kate’s is famous for Steve’s over-stuffed Reuben, a sandwich that gets the highest praise even from visiting New Yorkers. The menu also includes family favorites, from pizzas to burgers. The Longhorn Restaurant is an upscale experience offering an array of steaks aged 30 to 50 days and decadent desserts, including deep-dish apple pie piled high with vanilla ice cream and topped off with whipped cream.

Looking Beyond the Main Streets

There’s much more to explore in Tombstone beyond the well-known Allen Street. The Boot Hill Cemetery and the Schieffelin Monument both offer a place to remember those brave souls and outlandish outlaws who lived and died here. You can also take a fascinating mine tour and go below ground to explore the rich mining history.  

Beyond the town is the breathtaking beauty of the Dragoon Mountains, where Geronimo and Cochise once roamed, a sight you can see from the corners of 5th and Allen streets. Plus, horseback riding and hiking trails beckon adventurers to get out and explore while imagining rustic days gone by.

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