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Dive into Tucson's Timeless Neighborhood Bars

By Stacey Gregory

In some of the dimly lit corners of Tucson, you'll find it-the heartbeat of the dive-bar culture echoing through the decades. These hidden gems serve as more than mere watering holes. They are living narratives of Tucson's past and present and are the pulsating beat of the city's diverse communities. Go beyond the drinks and dive into the cultural tapestry woven by these iconic establishments that define the soul of this city.

Shelter Cocktail Lounge

The captivatingly curved building of the iconic Shelter Cocktail Lounge was built in 1961, designed by Anne Rysdale, Arizona's only registered female architect in the 1950's. Today , it stands as a time capsule of the groovy vibes of the 60's and 70's, known for its delectable martini menu.

Shelter Cocktail Lounge

Dim red lighting casts a warm glow over an eclectic collection of JFK memorabilia, velvet paintings, and leopard-skin wallpaper. Gold sparkly vinyl booths, harlequin-painted walls, a mushroom cloud lamp, and a mesmerizing array of 60s lamps hanging from the ceiling trigger nostalgic memories for many who come here for a drink.

When it comes to libations, The Shelter boasts an impressive drink list. The Shelter Coffee Martini and the surprising Pickle Martini (pickle juice, olive juice, and Absolut vodka) take center stage. The Chili Mint Lemonade, a concoction or Hornitos tequila and spicy lemonade with mint, White Russians and inventive Bloodytinis are also sought after. A vending machine stock with snacks compensates for the absence of a kitchen, or guests can bring their own food or order delivery.

4155 E. Grant Dr., 520-326-1345


Saint Charles Tavern

The only proper bar in the city of South Tucson is the Saint Charles Tavern. This dog-friendly neighborhood tavern traces its roots back to 2015, when it transformed from the famous Paddock Bar. Inside is a blend of Tucson and San Francisco memorabilia, an homage to the owner's hometowns.

The well-stocked bar is a major draw-guests can order a PBR or indulge in a Enmascarado 56 mezcal. Local flavors take center stage from its 18 draft handles, which are heavily focused on regional and craft beers. The selection reflects the richness of Tucson's craft beer scene, including local favorites like Barrio, Button, Crooked Tooth, Dragoon, and Mota Sonora.

The Saint Charles Tavern's beer garden boasts an outdoor stage and weekly live performances. The backdrop, an old Tucson High School Baseball scoreboard, adds a touch of nostalgia. The walls are adorned with murals created by 10 local artists, providing a unique blend of culture and entertainment. All in all, this neighborhood tavern is a respite for those seeking a more mature atmosphere compared to the bustling scenes of 4th Avenue and downtown.

Saint Charles Tavern

1632 S. 4th Ave.


The Mint Bar

What do you get when you combine comedians with a dive bar? When you're in Tucson, it's The Mint Bar. Tucked away in central Tucson, this bar epitomizes a friendly neighborhood dive bar, where bikers rub shoulders with book-reading cyclists, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Founded in 1934, The Mint Bar changed hands seven years ago and is under new ownership. The Mint Bar draws patrons with its laid-back vibe and lively entertainment. The weekly comedy night showcases local and nationwide talent, and two stages (a small inside state and an outdoor stage on the smoke-friendly patio) are the perfect spots for live bands. Those coming to watch their favorite sports teams will find mounted televisions broadcasting the hottest games to cheering fans. While the bar does not offer food, tasty popcorn is offered on the house, a vending machines provides snacks, and food delivery is always an option.

 Dive into Tucson's Timeless Neighborhood Bars By Stacey Gregory In some of the dimly lit corners of Tucson, you'll find it-t

3540 E. Grant Rd., 520-881-9169


The Silver Room

The Silver Room emerges as a classic small dive bar shrouded in the allure of a windowless white brick building. Beyond its unassuming exterior lies a warm and friendly atmosphere that beckons patrons of all ages, making it a hidden treasure for those seeking a genuine dive bar experience.

Silver Room

The Bar boasts domestic beer on tap, an array of domestic and imported bottled beverages, and a full bar for cocktails. Not only can you get Jell-O shots, but those looking for a sweet treat can order a strawberry daiquiri or pina colada slushies. While you're here, you can hang out with your friends, play a game of pool, or watch sports on the mounted televisions. And they hots karaoke nights every Wednesday and Sunday.

When the tummy rumbles, food is not far away. The bar's neighbor is Kiss of Smoke BBQ & Catering. The award-winning competition barbecue-team turned family-owned and -operated brick-and-mortar restaurant offers mouthwatering barbecue dishes they'll deliver to you at

The Silver Room (while supplies last. When they sell out, they close for the day!) This fusion of flavors adds an extra layer of charm to the bar, creating a perfect pairing of drinks and delectable bites.

673 S. Plumer Ave., 520-549-5115


Danny's Baboquivari

Danny's Baboquivari has served domestic and craft beer, cocktails, and bottles to go since 1975, and it shows. The much-loved vinyl booths, stools, and bar are lovingly word and cracked from decades of welcoming visitors and locals alike. Inside and on the patio are nods to its desert landscape. Cowboy-styled wallpaper adorned with saddles and ropes cover the walls where mounted skulls with antlers reside, while the outside patio firepit features a Western scene.

Some surprises are in store here, like the old-fashioned jukebox with a music catalog delivering songs for every taste, from death metal to Frank Sinatra. And for those with a competitive spirit, all manner of games await, including a pool table electronic dart boards, air hockey, foosball, shuffleboard, a Galaga arcade game, pinball machines, and a Mega Touch.

Danny's Baboquivari reamins nto just a bar but a cherished part of Tucson's identity, inviting everyone to join in the celebration of good times, good drinks, and the enduring spirit of the desert.

Danny's Baboquivari

2910 E. Fort Lowell Rd., 520-795-3178


Bay Horse Tavern

Bay Horse Tavern has long been a favorite among the college crowd, drawing in The University of Arizona students since 1948. The establishment has been serving class Tombstone pizzas alongside beers (including the $3 PBR pitcher special), mixed drinks, wine, and non-alcoholic beverage, offering a perfect pairing for a night out with friends with breaking the bank.

The patio features an eternal guardian, one of four in Tucson with a fascinating history. Originally part of the restaurants that changed hands, the big metal knight now stands guard over the patio, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere. Another iconic feature awaits in side the tavern-the extra-large handmade Yugoslavian big chair that is popular pot for photographers. It adds much whimsy to the bar's ambiance that the 1994 Frommer's Guide to Arizona recommended that visitors make a beeline for Bay Horse Tavern to sit in the big chair.

Bay Horse Tavern stands as a historical gem in Tucson, boasting one of the oldest liquor licenses in Tucson. It's become a generational gathering spot for families with ties to The University of Arizona. It often draws parents, grandparents, and their kids to continue the tradition of coming to the Bay Horse Tavern to play pool or shuffleboard and have a few drinks together.

Bay Horse Tavern

2802 E. Grant. Rd., 520-326-8554

F: @BestAZDiveBar IG: @BayHorseTucson

Wooden Nickel Tavern

When you're looking for a neighborhood dive bar with a full kitchen, look no further than the  Wooden Nickel Tavern. For four decades, the Wooden Nickel has stood as a testament to the during spirit of the vibrant area it servers, evolving into a beloved hub where locals and visitors gather for good times and community events.

What once catered to late-night revelers today is a friendly spot to have a drink, watch sports, and eat scratch-made food. Guests can belly up to the wrap-around bar or grab a seat at high and low tables, and dogs are welcome on the spacious outdoor patio, too. Plus, karaoke nights on Thursday offer a place to let our your inner rock star.

Open every day of the year, the Wooden Nickel's kitchen is celebrated for its wings (they serve an astonishing 24,000 to 30,000 wings weekly!), burgers, and fish tacos. The full menu includes green or red chili, taco Thursdays, and brunch every Sunday, drawing regulars, families, blue-collar workers and more with its mouthwatering fare. Watch Wooden Nickel Tavern's Facebook for pop-up menus, such as adding Italian favorites like ooey-gooey lasagna and spaghetti nights.

Wooden Nickel Tavern

1908 S. Country Club Rd., 520-323-8830


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