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Enter a Kaleidoscope of Expressions by Acclaimed Arizona Artist Ted Degrazia

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum
DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum, a 10-acre historic district in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, was hand-built from the ground up by Arizona artist Ettoré “Ted” DeGrazia. He is known worldwide for his vibrant, impressionistic works of colorful paintings, sculptures, and textiles that showcase his genuine love for the native culture and scenery of the Sonoran Desert.

The Museum stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of DeGrazia, his artistic brilliance, and his genuine connection to the Sonoran Desert’s history, culture, and scenery. Plus, the setting itself adds another layer of beauty and artistry to this Southwestern gem.
On the National Register of Historic Districts, this legendary Southwestern art and architecture landmark was constructed with traditional adobe bricks made right on-site. Visitors are not only treated to permanent and rotating exhibits displaying some of the 15,000 DeGrazia originals housed at the gallery but also the unique architectural structure with features including an ocotillo floor. 

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum

The adjoining Mission in the Sun was built in 1952 to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe and features a rustic rock floor, interior murals, and an open-air ceiling. The Mission is a beloved sanctuary for visitors year-round. It sits next to the artist’s original home, his gravesite, and the Little Gallery that hosts visiting artists in the winter.

Be sure to take in the stunning views of the Santa Catalina Mountains and rolling terrain adorned with colorful cacti and desert vegetation at the garden, immersing visitors in the natural beauty that inspired much of DeGrazia’s work. 

One of the standout features in the garden is the Yaqui Deer Dancer sculpture located in the courtyard. This sculpture holds cultural significance in the Yaqui tradition, and its presence in the garden serves as a tribute to the region’s rich heritage while reflecting DeGrazia’s appreciation and love for the native culture and scenery of the Sonoran Desert.

The DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a gift shop featuring clothing, trinkets, notecards, ornaments, and tax-free reproductions.

6300 N. Swan Rd.
Tucson, AZ 


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