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Artemizia Foundation:

Where Art + Culture Collide in Bisbee, Arizona
The Artemizia Foundation (AF)

The Artemizia Foundation (AF) transcends the traditional boundaries of a contemporary art museum by introducing a dynamic concept that blends art, film, education, and community engagement. With a commitment to promoting underrepresented artists and breaking down gender and racial barriers in the art world, AF has recently unveiled its newest venture—a state-of-the-art film projection system that converts Gallery 818 for documentary film screenings.

The inaugural film, Swoon: Fearless, directed by Fredric King, delves into the world of street artist Caledonia Curry, AKA Swoon. The next film, Missing in Brooks County, addresses the migrant crisis and demonstrates AF’s dedication to social issues. AF provided seed money to begin production and is also bringing in director Lisa Molomot and editor Jacob Bricca for the screening. All proceeds from ticket sales for Missing will be donated to the South Texas Human Rights Center. 

AF also serves as a platform for emerging artists, offering a chance for them to enhance their standing in the art scene through the Emerging Artist Grant Program. This initiative provides grants to talented artists, empowering them to learn how to market themselves as entrepreneurs. The program culminates in a solo exhibition at Gallery 818, giving valuable exposure alongside renowned artists like Banksy and Swoon.

The Artemizia Foundation (AF)
banksy The Artemizia Foundation (AF)
The Artemizia Foundation (AF)

At its core, AF is a cultural destination for street and contemporary art lovers that continues to create a major buzz for the arts. Arizona’s premier destination for contemporary, graffiti, and street art is located in a beautifully renovated 1917 former school featuring an art museum, commercial gallery, sculpture garden, and educational facility presenting world-class exhibitions, sophisticated events, inspiring lectures, and relevant films. AF is truly art for the people through the fusion of art, film, community, philanthropy, and a commitment to underrepresented voices.

Artemizia Foundation

818 Tombstone Canyon, Bisbee. AZ

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